Also in chapter one, when examining early reports of giant bones being unearthed one strange thing comes to light. Many state that these remains had “double teeth”. This is interpreted as having double rows of teeth but what this actually means is the skull had both upper and lower teeth intact. In days gone by dental health was atrocious, if you had enough teeth to chew you were doing good so having most or all of your teeth was unusual. Even though no known examples of these skeletons survive there were enough reports to indicate this was real. Read more about this in my new book.

In Chapter one of my new book we examine giant bones reportedly found while clearing the land for crops in the 1800's. I raise the possibility that these could be misidentified Bigfoot bones buried in mounds and that early Native Americans could have copied mound building from these burials. Many beliefs remain that these beings … Continue reading

My new book is a culmination of years doing field research mainly in Ohio. This was a progression starting with not knowing anything about this cryptid and evolving into knowing this is real. I have been extremely lucky finding evidence and I have applied techniques from my ghost hunting adventures which has increased my knowledge … Continue reading